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2021 Geelong Business Excellence Awards

Katharsis® uses a combination of proven technologies, each alone capable of providing a measure of protection, to provide vastly superior results and give “peace of mind” for building owners and managers.

The first technology is that Katharsis®  incorporates finer filters than are generally capable of being fitted into a building HVAC system. The majority of fine aerosols (viral, bacterial and fungal) can be filtered from the air by this conventional means. It is the equivalent of putting a P2/N95 face mask on your ventilation system. The Katharsis® system has automatic compensation for the higher pressure drop associated with finer filters.

The second technology is UV irradiation, a well known technique for controlling airborne viruses and other pathogens.

The third, unique technology, is a bespoke nanotechnology based catalyst developed in collaboration with IFM at Deakin University under a federal Industry Innovation Grant. This catalyst is designed to enhance the capture and destruction of aqueous aerosols that may contain viruses or other pathogens.

Either of the first two technologies would provide a measurable reduction in risk of transmission, but when combined with our unique catalyst, they provide unparalleled protection.

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Friday 1 March 2024

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