Katharsis Group germinated from our Chief Scientist Steve Atkinson & his 30 years studying & teaching Chemistry, bacteria, how it is carried in the air & its effects on people. Our team came together in 2015 when Steve met Wayne Allan (our Group CEO) on a project at Deakin University’s Frontier Materials Section. The pair worked on numerous groundbreaking projects, ranging from antimicrobial breakthroughs to building the only Electro Spin Machine in Australia.

In 2017 Steve & Wayne travelled to Munich, Bavaria, to help commission a new type of Roll form technology, they completed this project, then shipped & reassembled at Deakin University, Geelong, Australia.

Katharsis is an Australian Company that utilises Australian talent in developing technologies that add value to our Community, our Economy & our Ecology. This basis in Science & Engineering puts us in the Vanguard of providing Safe Air for all.



Katharsis Group is committed to being a trailblazer in bringing the Best Air we can to all our clients. We invest locally, Our Supply Chain is secure & almost completely Australian only content, we employ locally, invest locally, we are proudly Geelong. This Ecology is critical to our fundamental driver of: Leaving it Better than We Found It.


To make Katharsis available to all people.

To help address the Respiratory Issues that affect so many in our community brought about by not having the Clean Air that Katharsis provides.

To assist local people in employment through manufacturing & developing Katharsis in Geelong.


The Katharsis Group Board has been carefully curated to comprise of all the elements of a successful corporate leadership team. Deep roots and connection to all levels of Government, institutional markets and business community combined with specialist skill sets in HVAC technologies and engineering ensure that all stakeholders are guided to fulfill the Corporate Mission.

Gavan O’Connor (Chairman)

Wayne Allan (Executive Director) – CEO

Dale Smith (Non-Executive Director)

Steve Atkinson – Chief Technological Officer

Rodney Craig – General Manager

Ben GriffithChief Financial Officer


L to R: Rodney, Ben, Gavan, Wayne, Dale and Steve

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