COVID-19 Testing

The COVID-19 controlled testing has been conducted and the results for the Katharsis unit are outstanding.


Pictured: Prototype Katharsis Unit showing Aerosol Generator using MS2 Bacteriophage, Optical Particle Counters, Air Sampling Pumps and Pressure and Temperature probes.


What is Katharsis?

Katharsis is an Australian made air filtration unit, using a combination of proven technologies, each alone capable of providing a measure of protection, to provide vastly superior results and give “peace of mind” for building owners and managers.

There are a range of “COVID-19 air filters” being talked about at the moment, all in the name of helping us open up and get people back to work and enjoying normal life. Katharsis have spent the last 12 months working with IFM at Deakin University to develop the most effective air filtration solution, not just a quick fix. The most effective system needs to work with the airflow patterns of the room. For bigger spaces like classrooms, offices, hospitals and entertainment spaces, you need a lot of air movement to actually have an effect.

Katharsis has been developed to be integrated with a building’s existing air filtration system, which has already been engineered for the right amount of fresh air to be brought into the building. With its own onboard fan to compensate for the extra resistance, the return air from a room will be cleaned before it comes back into the building, supplying fresh air for the ventilation system. This is the most effective way to have people safely enjoying the same space together.

Most of the other systems on the market being sold as a “COVID filtration” product have been an add on to an air purification unit. They generally have a limited range of effect across an entire room as they are a standalone unit sitting in the corner, not able to test enough air. They are also too small to effectively remove COVD-19 from the air and make a room safe for people to gather.

For buildings that only run a heating and cooling split system, Katharsis can also be installed free standing.


Testing Katharsis Effectiveness Against COVID-19

The Science & Innovation team at Katharsis have completed their first test of the Katharsis air filtration unit, headed up by scientist Steven Atkinson who specialises in Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation Design & Testing, Building Energy Efficiency, and Air Tightness Testing.

Katharsis is made up of three technologies. The first technology is that Katharsis incorporates finer filters than are generally capable of being fitted into a building HVAC system. The majority of fine aerosols (viral, bacterial and fungal) can be filtered from the air by this conventional means. It is the equivalent of putting a P2/N95 face mask on your ventilation system. The Katharsis system has automatic compensation for the higher pressure drop associated with finer filters.

The second technology is UV irradiation, a well known technique for controlling airborne viruses and other pathogens.

The third, unique technology, is a bespoke nanotechnology based catalyst developed in collaboration with IFM at Deakin University under a federal Industry Innovation Grant. This catalyst is designed to enhance the capture and destruction of aqueous aerosols that may contain viruses or other pathogens.

For this controlled test, it should be noted that Corona Virus SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) was not actually used. Instead we tested with the industry standard live virus, MS2 Bacteriophage virus particle. It is safe to use as it only infects bacteria and is used in the wastewater industry to check filters, and many other products to check the efficacy of its protection against COVID-19.

The apparatus was set up with our proprietary Katharsis Catalyst and tested against two other filters; a plain HEPA filter and a commercial catalyst P25 filter.

The results show little difference in performance (in fact a slight reduction) between the plain HEPA filter and the commercial P25 coated filter. Each filter was tested for fit and effectiveness of dust reduction, by use of optical particle counters, before each test run. This was to ensure that each filter was tested on its effectiveness of the coating and not compromised by poor fitting into the apparatus.

The P25 filter showed a better dust reduction than the plain HEPA, but its effectiveness on viruses was reduced.

The Katharsis proprietary filter (same base HEPA filter as the other two) showed the same dust reduction figure as the other two during fit test, but significantly better reduction in viral load after the unit. This is as expected due to its design parameters targeting airborne viruses.

To test that it had not degraded during storage and the testing process, two additional tests were conducted. Sample 7 and 8 are of the initial virus solution that was aerosolised. The results showed that it was stable as expected.


Sample ID Sample Description Sample Date Analysis Component Result Units
K001 Sample 1 (Inlet Run 1 High Conc) 27/08/21 W-PHG-F-DA / COLIPHAGE 4000000000 pfu/100mL
K002 Sample 2 (Outlet Run 1 Low Conc) 27/08/21 W-PHG-F-DA / COLIPHAGE 1600000 pfu/100mL
K003 Sample 3 (Inlet Run 2 High Conc) 27/08/21 W-PHG-F-DA / COLIPHAGE 3000000000 pfu/100mL
K004 Sample 4 (Outlet Run 2 Low Conc) 27/08/21 W-PHG-F-DA / COLIPHAGE 14000000 pfu/100mL
K005 Sample 5 (Inlet Run 3 High Conc) 27/08/21 W-PHG-F-DA / COLIPHAGE 5600000000 pfu/100mL
K006 Sample 6 (Outlet Run 3 Low Conc) 27/08/21 W-PHG-F-DA / COLIPHAGE 45000 pfu/100mL
K007 Sample 7 (MS2 Phage Soln after handling) 27/08/21 W-PHG-F-DA / COLIPHAGE 11000000000000 pfu/100mL
K008 Sample 8 (MS2 Phage Soln. Untouched) 27/08/21 W-PHG-F-DA / COLIPHAGE 10000000000000 pfu/100mL

 Fig 1: Filter test data.

COVID-19 Testing Results

These are our  full COVID-19 testing results:

99.96% – Plain HEPA filter

99.53% – Commercial catalyst P25 filter

99.999% – Katharsis engineered catalyst filter


To summarise the results shown in figure 2, the Katharsis engineered catalyst, when used in the Katharsis unit, achieved a 5 Log (99.999%) reduction in viral load in the air stream under a full flow test (rated flow-rate).


Sample ID Sample Description Result % Reduction Log Reduction
K001 Run 1- Plain HEPA Filter with UV lights on Upstream 4000000000 99.9600 3.40
K002 Run 1- Plain HEPA Filter with UV lights on Downstream 1600000    
K003 Run 2 Commercial P25 on HEPA with UV on Upstream 3000000000 99.5333 2.33
K004 Run 2 Commercial P25 on HEPA with UV on Downstream 14000000    
K005 Run 3 C6 Catalyst on HEPA with UV on Upstream 5600000000 99.9992 5.09
K006 Run 3 C6 Catalyst on HEPA with UV on Downstream 45000

Fig 2: Filter test results.


Why Katharsis Air Filtration?

As you can see from these COVID-19 testing, building owners and managers can rest assured knowing that Katharsis is the full package.

Katharsis is designed from the ground up in Australia by indoor air quality experts. Our own engineers will assess the building, as well as the existing air filtration system, and install Katharsis. The apparatus is constantly monitored with the most advanced communication and reporting system. This means our technicians are constantly monitoring the health of the system and the air quality, and can report on the results at any time. In the event of a problem being detected, you will be notified immediately and a technician will go to assess for themselves.

Protect the public and invest right, once, with Katharsis.