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Katharsis Group are the sole distributor, installer and maintainer of the world leading Catalytic Solutions Filters.

The filtration process uses a combination of proven technologies, each alone capable of providing a measure of protection, to provide vastly superior results and give “peace of mind” for building owners and managers.

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Katharsis Group are industry leaders in the initial response, post emergency services demobilisation, to disasters and emergencies. Katharsis Group offer a wide range of services that others do not, including but not limited too:
Mobile air treatment units – capable of providing clean, safe air, treating pathogens and viruses, and removing smells.

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Katharsis offers unique end-to-end HVAC solutions. From design to construction to ongoing maintenance, Katharsis Group meets all of your HVAC and mechanical engineering needs. Our expert team has the ability to understand and quantify the exact needs of your building, identify areas of critical importance, and install the most bespoke and efficient system to meet your and your special needs.

Katharsis Group also offers our internally designed and manufactured filtration system that is specifically designed for the management of aqueous aerosols that may contain viruses or other pathogens. This world-leading technology can be fitted to most existing systems and has real commercial return on lost time reduction relating to employee illness.

Katharsis Group offers extensive industrial and engineering services to businesses in a range of industries. Our team oversees design, procurement and construction in a collaborative manner to ensure client needs are maintained throughout the entire process. We see ourselves as leaders in Facilities Management and optimising the performance of manufacturers and industry through unique design options.

We strive to create innovative ideas and solutions in an adaptable, rigorous and transparent manner that exceed your expectations. Our team of experts believe in solution-based planning, ensuring a smooth construction process, with minimised unforeseen financial inhibitors to your overall project.

Katharsis Group Project Managers go beyond the point of issue identification, designing tailored solutions and solving complex problems during any phase of the project’s life-cycle. Our experienced and diverse Project Management team can provide a full end-to-end service, from initial testing and analysis phase, followed by planning, solution design, proof of concept, to the point of project conclusion, including construction and successful outcome delivery. Working closely with our Engineering Division our project managers are the pragmatists of the early stages, using years of industry knowledge to ensure the outcome is exactly as planned by our clients.

Collaborative design, industry compliance and construction excellence are the hallmarks you can expect with the Katharsis Group project management approach.

In a changing world where safety and compliance mean so much to businesses, Katharsis Group have internal capacity to ensure you meet the expectations of your organisation, as well as industry best practice on every project. Your plan towards meeting your goals are always considered and measurable in our projects. Social Procurement is a key focus on any project we undertake, as well as our environmental and sustainability impact. Our team of experts can guide your projects towards the desired outcome, without having significant overall impact to the bottom-line.

From a compliance perspective we have a team of environmental consultants, health and safety experts, occupational hygienists, and many others within our organisation to ensure your team, your project and the community are protected and safe throughout the duration of work packages.

We believe in and strive for positive impact and positive outcomes on every project we undertake.