Kathasis Installation

Today the Katharsis team is proud to announce the installation of 3 of their state of the art Air Purification units, Katharsis, at the iconic Geelong Kings Funeral Chapel, Newcomb.

Pictured: The Katharsis team standing around the Kings Funeral Home Sign.

Left to right: Steve Atkinson – Inventor, Chemist and Academic; Rodney Craig – Katharsis Chairperson; Phil Schols – Founder Katharsis; Briohny Fitzgerald –  Operations Manager Kings Funerals, Gavan O’Connor – Board Member of Katharsis; Wayne Allan – Co Director of Katharsis, Katharsis and Director of Geelong based bespoke Engineering company Workplace Alliance.


Katharsis Installed at Kings Funeral Chapel

Katharsis units not only work alongside existing air conditioning units, they actively capture the bacterial contaminants in the air, including COVID and other viruses. Once captured from the thermal plume each person exhales the virus & exhausted air is drawn into the overhead ducting where the air purification takes place.

Utilising technologies not produced in Australia before, the contaminated air is treated and purified as it passes through the unit.

A unit feature of Katharsis is that they are active as they not only draw in contaminants, exude cleansed air, but also more importantly completely change the entire volume of the room with clean air many times per day.

Additionally our “back to Base” monitoring system measures air flow, CO2 levels, filter efficiencies and each unit reports back to the Workplace Alliance team if adjustments or service calls need to be arranged. All of our clients receive performance reports of the efficacy of each unit enabling both peace of mind, knowing your room is clean and clear of air borne contaminants.

This active cleaning and drawing in of fresh, outside air is Kathartic to everyone in the room.